USA-RDC: Marlene Rashidi, petite-fille de Kasangala d’Uvira, tuée par balle ce 27 juin aux USA

Marlene Rashidi, petite-fille de Kasangala est la deuxième personne originaire d’Uvira-RDC tuée par balle aux USA cette année.

Texte tel que publié par  WOWT 6 NEWS

LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) — According to Lincoln Police, 20-year-old Marlene Rashidi is dead and 23-year-old Dezarae Mann remains hospitalized after an overnight shooting Sunday.
Marlene RashidiAccording to police, the alleged shooter is 22-year-old Germichael Kennedy who was shot and killed by officers. Sheriff Wagner said he raised a weapon in threatening manner and was shot. A 40 caliber gun was found at the scene near the Kennedy.

The Lincoln Police Department responded to a physical altercation near 34th and Portia Streets around 3 a.m. While on the scene, officers heard gun shots near Portia and Adams Street.

Rashidi was a student at UNK studying law in hopes of becoming a public defender. She was also a thrower on the UNK track and field team.

Marlene Rashidi_
“I don’t have tears anymore. I don’t have tears anymore because I’ve cried all of it. All of it,” said Rashidi’s brother, Blaise.

Just a few minutes after telling WOWT 6 News he didn’t have any tears left, Blaise Rashidi broke down thinking about his younger sister Marlene.

“She was just a lovable person. Everybody loved her,” he said.

The Rashidi family came to Nebraska from Africa in 2009 as refugees, fleeing a war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lincoln police said the two women were in two separate vehicles when they were shot. Police believe the shootings happened on Portia Street, between Adams and Knox Streets. Marlene’s family said they have never heard of the gunman before even though police believe Marlene knew the man who killed her.

“I just want to know what was the reason for her death? What really happened,” said Blaise. “This man took a blessing from us. A blessing from our lives. He just took it away.”

Dezarae Mann remains hospitalized in critical, but stable condition.


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  1. a la conleadence a toute la famille de Notre frere Rashidi Justin
    marlene repose en paix MUNGU akuweke pahali pema akuna kibaya umefanya ulikuwa musshida wa adabu sana
    nakubuka wakati walikuja from zimbabwe yeye na brother yake Blaise kuja kuniona imenipa machungu

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