With Lumumba alive, Africa would had been different today

Not only for RDC Congo, the Africa continent would had been different today if he was still alive . In Remembrance of Patrice Lumumba.

*IF YOU DIDNT KNOW YET…56 years ago, they killed African son Lumumba. After gaining independence from Belgians, Patrice Lumumba wanted full control of Congolese resources to be handed over but the belgians refused. Lumumba who is a nationalist then went to USA to seek help in acquiring all congolese resources to be handed back by Belgiansbut little did he know that USA which was oppressing black people was gonna side with belgians over black congolese.

At this point, Lumumba decided to approach the other world super power at the time, Russia. This was the excuse US was waiting for to finish him off. they started the propaganda by labeling Lumumba as a communist who was anti-west. Remember, Lumumba sought their help first, but being a white controlled country, US decided to stand with a fellow white country belgians despite all the genocide committed by belgians in Congo.
The CIA and various security organizations from europe then decide to capture and murder lumumba and installed their own puppet know as Mobutu. On this day, we honor a true hero who is bigger than life.

Moral of the story; the world is an ethnocentric place, every group put their ethnicity first before anything else, I believe Africans should do so as well for survival.